Saturday, 23 October 2010


My Christmas Elves- Pippa & Oliver are now available as a pattern (and a E-Pattern).
Their height is 39 cm (15 ½"), they have needle sculptured faces, they are richly embellished girl & boy elves.
They have wired legs and fingers. The pattern has instructions for elves, 2 outfits, accessories, decorating & mounting dolls on stand. LEVEL-Beginner- Intermediate
Here are some pics. I'm really pleased in how they turned out and I love the stand, what do you think?

Apart from creating little characters, a lot of you my know, life has been a little hectic lately with my son Robert is in hospital, got his hip replacement, he is improving so much everyday, when he had the op on Tues (Oct.19) they gave him the option of having full knockout or an epidural, he chose epidural.........he described every detail of the 3 hr op, from the drilling, sawing & hammering to seeing the bone they cut me the shivers.
First few days were hard for him, now he is getting stronger and the pain killers have kicked in, he has been pushing himself to walk (with crutches) they are amazed at how well he's doing, he just wants to get out of there.

Friday, 8 October 2010


I've just completed my NEW CHRISTMAS ELVES- PIPPA & OLIVER-
They are 2 very cute, TOY MAKER ELVES- 39cm (15 ½”) Tall.
 As you know my hubby and I have been doing a lot of work around the house, (never ends) well a few weeks ago we landscaped our front yard, we pulled out the jungle that was there and just left a few favourites, at the moment the new plants are small so it doesn't look like much.
They will brighten any home, both have Needle sculpted faces, wired fingers to hold toys and gifts, wired legs and they can be mounted on a stand.
This is my new pattern and E-pattern, it will be available in the next week or so..... 

Most of the new plants are roses, if you haven't guessed yet I love roses, a few are blooming already but when they grow a bit I will share more pics with you, are there any rose lovers out there?
Here is a plant we've had in the garden for about 10 years, it's an Australian native and is very drought resistant, I don't know it's name though, I was going to pull it out but it has put on such a show I couldn't do it..............last year it flowered for the 1st time, 1 long flower, this year it has 5!

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