Sunday, 12 October 2014


Spring is here in Australia and getting very warm already.
What I love about Spring is daylight savings time, I love having that extra daylight, which I usually spend walking or in my garden, I have over 60 rose plants, about 16 camellias and various other plants, so it's keeps my husband and myself pretty busy, especially me as he's a shift worker, but I love it.
Here are some of my roses just bloomed.....

Of course, I've been working on a few things too, I've been playing with polymer clay... here's are a few dolls I made-                                                                                  PIPPO,  a cute Christmas Elf.....  he's 28 cm (11") tall


AUGST, the Jester, 35 cm (13.5")

and I've made a new cloth doll, but she's a bit different to my usual cloth dolls, she starts with a armature the same as the clay dolls- 

ALICE- DRINK & EAT ME  28 cm (11") tall

Monday, 16 June 2014


Recently I attended a Life Drawing and Sculpture workshop with my 2 daughters, I was a bit worried about drawing a naked person, I have never done anything like this.  
I was pleasantly surprised in how much we enjoyed the day.
We arrived at 10 am, picked an easel and chatted with the model.
Our instructor made the students draw swirly lines and circles on paper while holding the pencil not how one would normally hold a pencil but as shown....... not a good hand pic but I'm sure you get the idea......

This way you use your whole arm to draw, we practiced for a way, a good warm up.
Then we began to draw, with some tips this is what I came up with..

After lunch we went to the 'Clay House', where we sculpted what we drew, it turned out better that I expected, now I can't wait until we get our 3 sculpts back from being fired, I will share the pics with you soon.




Tuesday, 15 April 2014

No Brakes - Carmelo Munzone

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Check out Carmelo's debut single, fantastic,
please like it on you tube, then click on-

Android users can grab it on Spotify-

-to review and hopefully purchase it, he needs all your support.

12 hours from it's release time it was number 10 on the R & B  i tunes chart,this is because of all the fans out there, thank you so much. 

Now we have to get ' NO BRAKES' out to the world, so I'd appreciate
if you could share his song on all your social networks, another good idea is to request NO BRAKES by CARMELO on all the radio stations, via their Face Book pages, by phone, even when you do radio and music
surveys, thanks again for your support.

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