Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Queen of the Sky Fairies
                                                              Height- 17” (44 cm)


Medium- PAPER CLAY over CLOTH 
              This Workshop is divided into 5 Lessons for the INTERMEDIATE doll maker, but beginners with some sewing experience can make Ankara as well, as I will provide clear instructions and directions, all supported by many drawings and clear, full colour photos along the way. 
I will answer all questions you have during the workshop and long after the class is over- 
To order email me at:

Learn how to make the doll from scratch, how to apply the paper clay and hand paint Ankara.
How to make her clothes, wings, crown, septa, base and embellishing Ankara, attaching her hair and mounting on her stand/base. 

with all my workshops, you can Work at your own pace

Monday, 14 October 2013


 Want to know how to make 

this CHAIR-                                     this OWL-  


Learn how to make all these pieces 
and  put them all together on a base


Very long time since I've been here, like everyone life gets very hectic, I have been very busy....
My latest project  is VALERIA, my new workshop that will be starting on Doll Street Dreamers this week-

COME and JOIN the fun, work at your own pace-

VALERIA, her OWL, seated on a beautiful metal CHAIR, this workshop includes instructions for all 3- Hope you can join me, sign up today.......

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


How is 2013 going for you all, I have had a very enjoyable few months with family and friends.
Have spent a lot of time eating (too much), drinking and laughing with the special people in my life. 
My eldest daughter, Stephanie left for Mexico and Argentina on Dec.1 and will return March 12th, for her studies, you don't realise how much you miss your kids until they are away.
Have been a little creative with my beautiful cousin Sandra (seated), we made these clay heads, which we now have hanging in our gardens.... 

-Pic.1 was my first attempt which I quite like.

Pic. 2 is Sandra's piece, she has always been so artisitic, 
so of course this is gorgeous-

this is my 2nd go, but I don't like this one very much.....

We used air dry paper clay, when dry, we painted with 'stone effect' paint we found at Bunnings.....

Anyway, I want this year to be full of new endeavors and I want to try new things, but the last couple of weeks I've been telling myself, now it's time to get creative and get myself motivated, I've started working on a new doll, will share pics soon.
I'm determined to dive into some collage art, more clay experimentation and more new art dolls.....
and I'm going to post on this blog much more so stay tuned....

By the way, why not take a class, check out my workshops running at the moment.
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