Sunday, 16 October 2011

JOYFUL JOLLIES- new pattern

My latest Christians pattern is ready, 3 cute, quick and easy characters, Nutcracker, Belle & Snowman, the are The JOYFUL JOLLIES......thank you Edith for great name. They will make great gifts family, friends or hang in your home.
If you would like to order the E-Pattern, Pattern, Dolls or Kit, please email me at-

You may remember  last year we re-did our front garden- (see 'older posts', we planted a rose 'hedge', well this Spring it has to my delight, bloomed beautifully, only thing I'm disappointed with it is, the 2nd rose in the line up didn't bloom last year so I didn't get to see the colour, it was labeled 'Dublin Bay' which is the same as the 5th rose in the line- red, when it finally did bloom about a week ago,  it turned out to be another Pierre de ronsard rose which is I have a dilemma on how to get red roses to that side of the hedge?

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