Sunday, 30 March 2008

HARMONY DAY- Me + You = Us

I have had no free time at all lately, so I have not posted for a while. I do want to tell you about a day celebrated here in Australia last Wednesday, actually I did not know much about it until my art teacher found out about from her school teacher daughter.
Harmony Day is a day where all cultures come together as Australia has many nationalities calling her their home.
Every single person in Australia except the indigenous Aborigines, came from somewhere else in the world. To celebrate Harmony Day our art class made a collage/painting to show where our members originated from, Sue our teacher came from Britain, myself and my cousin Sandra were born here but originated from Sicily an island of Italy, some of our other members came from South Africa, Macedonia, Malta, Aborigine and an island of Croatia, love to be part of this group.
We attended a presentation at our local Library with guest speakers and members from other community groups, it was a great day.
Our painting and others are on dispaly at Liverpool Library for the next 2 weeks.

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