Thursday, 26 August 2010

SPRING is in the air..........

Wow less than 1 week left of Winter here in Australia, there are signs everywhere that Spring is almost here.
Today when I went for my daily walk I decided to take my camera, I live smack bang in the middle of suburbia but luckily there is a lot of greenery around my area.
The wattle  trees (Aussie native) are so yellow .....

and the blossoms so gorgeous, can't wait for my roses to bloom.

We began working on our front garden this week, I'll be sharing photos soon.
Creativily I am designing a new doll called Pantalone (pron: Punta-lone-i) my 4th character from Commedia D' Art, I will post a peek shot soon.
I'm also busy filling orders, especially for my Zodiac dolls, I love how each doll of each star sign is different.
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