Friday, 20 April 2012


A few weeks ago I was about to take some photos and I accidentally dropped my camera, I was so upset it was such a good little camera.
Anyway I had to get another one, over the last 10 years or so I've had 2 cameras, both were Olympus,  they were quite good, easy to use and take good photos.
I went shopping and I did a bit of comparing, prices and features, ended up with another Olympus, this time  got one of the 'tough' models, shouldn't break if I drop it. When I started playing with it, some of the features were really interesting, it has a 'Magic' mode where pics can be taken as a  'Drawing'-
There is also a 'Water colour' mode, where the pics you take look like 
they've been painted with water colours.

Here's a drawing, water colour and new photos of Jack and the Beanstalk  
I've added a bit more to the piece and he is running as a workshop next month, more info at-

This is a rose and cupid in my garden

This camera has many more features, just have to find the time to play.......
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