Friday, 19 November 2010


My 'THE ENCHANTED TREE' WORKSHOP  has begun and there is still time to join in.
It is a Free standing, TREE- Height 15” (38cm), with 2 Fairies- IRIS and baby, ERIN in 2 sizes. This is a Workshop is divided into 6 Lessons for the intermediatte doll maker.
The workshop contains clear instructions, all supported by many drawings and hundreds of clear, full colour photos along the way. You will be shown how to build the wire armature for the tree, make the stand, how to paint and attach the bark, how to make the gorgeous leaves and transform your tree and how to make and dress the fairies.


I will answer all questions you have during the workshop and long after the class is over. You can work at your own pace, while you make this magical piece. To find out more click on-
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